As part of their tax activities, Drix & more tackle all tax issues with which professionals, companies and individuals are faced, regarding:
  • direct taxes: corporate and personal income tax, non-resident tax;
  • VAT and other indirect taxes (registration duties and inheritance tax);
  • specific municipal and provincial taxes, as well as miscellaneous local taxes.

We focus in particular on legal tax advice and assistance with:
  • corporate reorganisations such as mergers, take-overs and de-mergers of companies, restructuring of corporate groups, changes in shareholdership, etc.;
  • real estate investment projects set up by real property and project developers, for both the residential and the professional market;
  • investment projects of ambitious expanding companies, in Belgium and beyond;
  • tax screening of miscellaneous commercial contracts and corporate agreements, including financial agreements between group companies and financial product contracts offered by banks;
  • estate and inheritance planning for corporate managers and wealthy individuals;
  • thorough and specialised analyses of fiscal implications as a preparation for policy decisions;
  • tax prevention through avoiding and preventing future tax litigation;
  • assistance with tax inspections and representation of clients with the competent administrations, including negotiation of fiscal agreements and rulings;
  • representation and defence of clients in tax disputes during the administrative phase, as well as before tax courts, including criminal proceedings in tax fraud cases;
  • proceedings aimed at nullification of tax provisions and administrative tax regulations as a result of denial of hierarchic standards and/or constitutional provisions.