Expansion-minded international professionals/companies

Businesses that expand beyond the national borders are faced with an unknown legal environment and the corresponding opportunities and risks. Drix & more assist both “in-bound investments” (foreign companies investing in Belgium) and “out-bound investments” (Belgian companies who deploy their activities outside Belgium).

From a Belgian perspective, Drix & more assist clients as follows:
  • legal screening of international contracts with suppliers, customers or financial institutions;
  • legal assistance in international investment projects, contract negotiations, reorganisation and restructuring;
  • analysis of legal and tax implications as a preparation for policy decisions with an international impact;
  • defending the interests of international companies with respect to third parties, including the Belgian tax administration and/or legal authorities.
  • defending the interests of Belgian companies with respect to foreign tax administrations and/or legal authorities, via a network of foreign advisers, with whom Drix & more cooperate closely.