Drix & more is a Belgian independent law firm, specialised in Tax & Corporate Finance, and it is the Belgian law firm represented within the “Association of International Tax Consultants”

Our services are tailored for two specific target groups:
  • ambitious SME’s and expanding companies, which also develop beyond borders
  • accountants, company auditors and other lawyers, who want to complement their own services with specialized advice.

In addition to specialised legal knowledge, the following values represent the essence of the services we provide:
  • straight-to-the-point” and “no-nonsense approach”. We provide our services from the entrepreneur’s point of view: solution-oriented, passionate, pragmatic, fast, available. What matters is the essence.
  • the extra mile”. Where others stop, we go on. We tread on unexplored paths, and we are clinging on to complex disputes and lost or impossible cases.
  • international perspective”: Building on many years of international expertise, we understand and speak the language of the international entrepreneur.